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The Adventures Of Robin Hood

The Coming of Robin Hood

INTRODUCTORY MINSTREL SONG: "Robin of Locksley, a knight bold and good; back from the Holy Wars, becomes Robin Hood!"
SUMMARY: Sir Robin of Locksley returns to England from fighting in the Crusades to discover that the notorious Sir Roger de Lille (Leo McKern) has been given his family's lands and castles, and has had Robin declared an outlaw. Robin takes refuge in Sherwood Forest and joins a band of outlaws led by Will Scatlock (Bruce Seton) who name's him Robin of the hood. Features Alfie Bass as Edgar.

Free Classic TV. 61 episodes of The Adventures Of Robin Hood TV Series (1955 to 1959). The Adventures of Robin Hood is a British television series comprising 143 half-hour, black and white episodes broadcast weekly between 1955 and 1959 on ITV. To purchase the complete series please visit

Series 1 (1955/1956)

1. The Coming of Robin Hood

2. The Moneylender

3. Dead or Alive

4. Friar Tuck

5. Maid Marian

6. The Inquisitor

7. The Knight Who Came to Dinner

8. The Challenge

9. Queen Eleanor

10. Checkmate

11. The Ordeal

12. A Guest for the Gallows

13. The Highlander

14. The Wager

15. The Betrothal

16. The Alchemist

17. A Husband for Marian

18. The Jongleur

19. The Brothers

20. The Intruders

21. Errand of Mercy

22. The Sheriff's Boots

23. Will Scarlet

24. Ladies of Sherwood

25. The Deserted Castle

26. The Miser

27. Trial by Battle

28. The May Queen

29. Children of the Greenwood

30. The Vandals

31. The Byzantine Treasure

32. The Wanderer

33. The Youngest Outlaw

34. The Traitor

35. Tables Turned

36. The Thorkil Ghost

37. Secret Mission

38. Richard the Lion-Heart

39. The Scientist

Series 2 (1956/1957)

40. The Prisoner

41. Blackmail

42. A Year and a Day

44. The Goldmaker

47. The Hero

48. Isabella

50. Outlaw Money

55. The Dream

57. The Final Tax

58. Ambush

59. The Bandit of Brittany

60. The Goldmaker's Return

61. Flight from France

62. Fair Play

63. The Secret Pool

65. The York Treasure

66. The Borrowed Baby

67. The Black Five

68. Food for Thought

72. The Little People

Series 3 (1957/1958)

93. A Village Wooing

Series 4 (1958/1959)

126. Goodbye Little John


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