Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Gorilla (1939) Comedy Horror, Starring the Ritz Brothers

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  1. The Gorilla is a 1939 comedy horror film starring the Ritz Brothers, Lionel Atwill, Bela Lugosi, and Patsy Kelly. It was based on a play of the same name by Ralph Spence.


    Jimmy Ritz as Garrity
    Anita Louise as Norma Denby
    Harry Ritz as Harrigan
    Al Ritz as Mulligan
    Patsy Kelly as Kitty
    Lionel Atwill as Walter Stevens
    Bela Lugosi as Peters
    Joseph Calleia as the Stanger
    Edward Norris as Jack Marsden
    Wally Vernon as a Seaman
    Paul Harvey as Conway