Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Dentist (1932) W. C. Fields

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  1. (The) Dentist (1932) Comedy, Starring W. C. Fields


    W. C. Fields as Dentist
    Marjorie Kane as Daughter (as 'Babe' Kane)
    Arnold Gray as Arthur the iceman
    Dorothy Granger as Patient (Miss Peppitone)
    Elise Cavanna as Patient (Miss Mason)
    Zedna Farley as Dental Assistant
    Billy Bletcher as Bearded patient (uncredited)
    Joe Bordeaux as Caddy (uncredited)
    Harry Bowen as Joe, the pal (uncredited)
    Emma Tansey as Old Lady (uncredited)
    Chester Clute as Nervous patient (uncredited)
    Bud Jamison as Charley Frobisher (uncredited)
    Bobby Dunn as Dentist's Caddy (uncredited)
    Thelma Hill (uncredited)
    Ethel La Blanche (uncredited)
    Pete Rasch (uncredited)
    William Searby (uncredited)