Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kid Dynamite (1943) Comedy Drama starring East Side ...

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  1. Kid Dynamite is a 1943 American film directed by Wallace Fox and starring the East Side Kids


    The East Side Kids

    Leo Gorcey as Ethelbert "Muggs" McGinnis
    Huntz Hall as Glimpy McGleavey
    Bobby Jordan as Danny Lyons
    Benny Bartlett as Benny 'Beanie' Miller
    Sunshine Sammy as Scruno Jackson
    Bobby Stone as Harold "Stoney" Stone
    David Durand as Joe "Skinny" Collins

    Additional Cast

    Gabriel Dell as Harry Wycoff
    Pamela Blake as Ivy McGinnis
    Vince Barnett as Klinkhammer
    Daphne Pollard as Mrs. McGinnis
    Charles Judels as Nick, pool hall owner
    Dudley Dickerson as Mr. Jackson, Scruno's father
    Henry Hall as Louis Gendick
    Minerva Urecal as Judge
    Wheeler Oakman as Tony, bookie
    Marguerita Padula as Mrs. Lyons
    Jack Mulhall as Clancy, second abductor
    Kay Marvis as Kay, Muggs' dance partner
    Ray Miller as Ray, first abductor
    Mike Riley's Orchestra as themselves
    Marion Miller as singer at dance contest
    Snub Pollard as dance official