Saturday, February 20, 2016

Flying Wild (1941) Comedy Drama starring East Side Kids

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  1. Flying Wild is a 1941 film and the fifth installment of the East Side Kids series.


    The East Side Kids

    Leo Gorcey as Muggs McGinnis
    Bobby Jordan as Danny Graham
    Sunshine Sammy Morrison as Scruno
    David Gorcey as Peewee
    Donald Haines as Skinny
    Eugene Francis as Algy Reynolds
    Bobby Stone as Louie

    Additional Cast

    Joan Barclay as Helen Munson
    Dave O'Brien as Tom Lawson-
    George Pembroke as Dr. Richard Nagel III
    Herbert Rawlinson as Mr. Reynolds
    Dennis Moore as George
    Forrest Taylor as Forbes
    Robert F. Hill as Woodward
    Mary Bovard as Mazie (uncredited)
    George Eldredge as Man (uncredited)
    Alden "Stephen" Chase as Jack, Henchman (uncredited)
    Al Ferguson, Jack Kenny, Carey Loftin, Bud Osborne, Eddie Parker, Dick Scott as Henchmen