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Duck Soup (1933) Comedy, Starring The Marx Brothers

Duck Soup (1933) Comedy, Starring The Marx Brothers

Duck Soup is a 1933 Marx Brothers anarchic comedy film written by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, with additional dialogue by Arthur Sheekman and Nat Perrin, and directed by Leo McCarey. First released theatrically by Paramount Pictures on November 17, 1933, it starred what were then billed as the "Four Marx Brothers" (Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo) and also featured Margaret Dumont, Raquel Torres, Louis Calhern and Edgar Kennedy. It was the last Marx Brothers film to feature Zeppo, and the last of five Marx Brothers movies released by Paramount

  • Groucho Marx as Rufus T. Firefly who, at Mrs. Teasdale's insistence, becomes the leader of Freedonia.
  • Harpo Marx as Pinky, a spy for Sylvania who never talks.
  • Chico Marx as Chicolini, another spy for Sylvania, one who never stops talking.
  • Zeppo Marx as Lt. Bob Roland, Firefly's secretary.
  • Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Gloria Teasdale, a rich widow who underwrites the budget of Freedonia.
  • Louis Calhern as Ambassador Trentino of Sylvania who schemes to have his country take over Freedonia.
  • Raquel Torres as Vera Marcal, a femme fatale who is working for Ambassador Trentino.
  • Edgar Kennedy as a lemonade vendor, who is just trying to make a living.
  • Edmund Breese as Former President Zander, Rufus' predecessor
  • Edwin Maxwell as Former Secretary of War
  • William Worthington as First Minister of Finance
  • Davison Clark as Second Minister of Finance
  • Charles Middleton as prosecutor
  • Leonid Kinskey as Sylvanian agitator
  • George MacQuarrie as first judge
  • Fred Sullivan as second judge
  • Eric Mayne as third judge

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