Saturday, February 20, 2016

Clancy Street Boys (1943) Comedy Drama starring East...

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  1. Clancy Street Boys is a 1943 film directed by William Beaudine and starring the East Side Kids.


    The East Side Kids

    Leo Gorcey as Ethelbert 'Mugs' McGinnis
    Huntz Hall as Glimpy Freedhoff
    Bobby Jordan as Danny
    Benny Bartlett as Benny
    Sammy Morrison as Scruno
    Dick Chandlee as Stash (a.k.a. Skinny)
    Eddie Mills as Dave (a.k.a. Eddie)

    Remaining cast

    Noah Beery as Pete Monahan
    Amelita Ward as Judy Monaham
    Rick Vallin as George Mooney
    Billy Benedict as Butch, Cherry Street Leader
    J. Farrel MacDonald as Police Sergeant Flanagan
    Jan Rubini as Violinist
    Martha Wentworth as Mrs. Molly McGinnis
    George DeNormand as Williams
    Bernard Gorcey (uncredited) as Liquor Store Owner
    Johnny Duncan (uncredited) as Cherry Streeter
    William Frambes (uncredited) as Cherry Streeter
    Jimmy Strand (uncredited) as Cherry Streeter