Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941) Comedy Drama, Starring the East Side Kids

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  1. Bowery Blitzkrieg is a 1941 film and the sixth installment of the East Side Kids series. The film "introduced" Huntz Hall in his first of the East Side Kids film series.
    The East Side Kids

    Leo Gorcey as Muggs McGinnis
    Bobby Jordan as Danny Breslin
    Huntz Hall as Limpy
    Donald Haines as Skinny
    Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison as Scruno
    David Gorcey as Peewee

    Additional cast

    Bobby Stone as Monk Martin
    Keye Luke (billed as Key Luke) as Clancy
    Warren Hull as Tom Brady
    Charlotte Henry as Mary Breslin
    Martha Wentworth as Mrs. Brady
    Jack Mulhall as Officer Sherrill
    Eddie Foster as Slats Morrison
    Dennis Moore as Dorgan
    Tony Carson as Dutch
    Pat Costello as Fight Coach
    Dick Ryan as The Precinct Lieutenant
    Jack Carr (uncredited) as George, Truck Driver
    Bill Cartledge (uncredited) as Johnny Ryan, Boxer
    John Indrisano (uncredited) as Referee
    George Urecal (uncredited) as Nick
    Minerva Urecal (uncredited) as Reform School Matron