Saturday, February 20, 2016

Algiers (1938) Drama, Starring Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamarr

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  1. Algiers is a 1938 American drama film directed by John Cromwell and starring Charles Boyer, Sigrid Gurie, and Hedy Lamarr.


    Charles Boyer as Pepe le Moko
    Sigrid Gurie as Ines
    Hedy Lamarr as Gaby
    Joseph Calleia as Inspector Slimane
    Alan Hale as Grandpere
    Gene Lockhart as Regis
    Walter Kingsford as Chef Inspector Louvain
    Paul Harvey as Commissioner Janvier
    Stanley Fields as Carlos
    Johnny Downs as Pierrot
    Charles D. Brown as Max
    Robert Greig as Giraux
    Leonid Kinskey as L'Arbi
    Joan Woodbury as Aicha
    Nina Koshetz as Tania